Victory House
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Awards and Results
Victory House is an award-winning independent school. We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students and teachers and we have been honoured by the Gauteng Department of Education for our Grade 12 results.
We have won the TOP INDEPENDENT SCHOOL Award as well as the TOP INDEPENDENT SCHOOL LEARNER Award for the past 4 consecutive years.

Top District Educators 2015 (> 25 learners)
Victory House has an impressive history of providing education of the highest quality for our students. Victory House is a Christian school that develops confident students, promotes individuality, and celebrates diversity. The foundation of our mission is the three values displayed in the three rings on our badge - Knowledge, Community, and Culture. These values are at the core of everything we do.
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In 1997, Mrs Sharon Austen, a teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience, realised the desperate need for affordable, but quality private school education. She was teaching at a local primary school and resigned from her position to follow her dream of establishing a school which she named Athena Preparatory. During that first year, there were 18 students enrolled in Grade R to Grade 3.
The demand continued to grow for the excellent services Mrs Austen's school provided. Mrs Austen focused on instilling strong moral values and delivering academics of the highest standard. Athena Preparatory soon became known as a school which enabled its students to reach their full potential in a nurturing learning environment. As applications for enrollment in Athena Preparatory started to increase in volume, Mrs Austen, a vibrant, well-respected and long-standing member of the teaching community, employed colleagues who she knew to be top practitioners with many years of experience in education. Mr Glenn Austen, her devoted husband, became the full-time financial officer for the school in 1999. Their impressive business partnership, dedication and hard work, helped lay a solid foundation for the school.
In 2000, Mrs Austen decided to grow Athena Preparatory into a high school. With the extended registration with the Gauteng Department of Education, Victory House Private School was established. This new name was more representative of the exciting new institute which now included a high school section, and not just a primary school.
Mr and Mrs Austen purchased a piece of land on Golf Club Terrace in 2002, which was acquired with the vision of building the beautiful campus as it stands today.
Currently, Victory House Private School has approximately 720 students enrolled from Grade 0 to 12, and boasts numerous awards and accolades it has won over the years.